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animepdx's Journal

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Portland Anime
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The purpose of this community is to create a place for people in and around Portland, Oregon to discuss anime and to co-ordinate anime viewings and whatever other fan activities seem like a good idea at the time. Depending on the number and activity level of members, there may be viewings at members' homes or in whatever other venues can be scared up. At this time, this is an open community, but if you do not live in the PDX metro area you will probably find this community to be of limited interest.

Although it is certainly on topic to discuss general anime things here, you may find it more productive to join a general anime community so as to reach a wider audience. Discussion of shows that the group is currently watching, however, is much encouraged. Please post any spoilers (for anything, no matter how old or OT) behind an <lj-cut> tag with a mention of what show/book/play/song/movie/etc is involved before the cut.

Although some quiz results are probably on-topic, please post them behind an <lj-cut> tag as they can both take a while to load and contain bad HTML. Also, if you want to post your results to a previously posted quiz, a nifty place to do that would be in the comments of the original quiz post, not in a brand-new post of your own. Please limit quiz posts to one per person per week, so the community is not overwhelmed.

Messages advertising completely unrelated communities are not welcome. However, if your community is reasonably related and you are a "regular" in the community, go right ahead. Similarly, advertising for sale or auction items that are not both located in Portland and related to anime is not permitted. ("Related to anime" is a broad category which includes such things as cosplay costumes, manga, Japanese video games and actually probably pretty much anything Japanese as long as you don't do it too often.)

General good manners are always a good thing to keep in mind. This should go without saying, but it seems to need explicit mention. Personal attacks and pointless flames are not welcome.

I would like to go on record as disliking online drama. It makes me cranky. I have the ability to delete posts that make me cranky. I also have the ability to ban users that make me cranky. I would prefer not to be cranky.

Oh, and a good way to contact me is by replying to this post. I'm not very good at responding to email, but I'll try.

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