Hana (rio_keshi) wrote in animepdx,

cover band jrock?!!!

bandname: undecided

influences: hide, xjapan, gackt, beck mongolian chop squad, depeche mode, sonata arctica, the cure, placebo, lots more...

instruments: piano, guitar, vocals

musicians needed: ANYONE that likes to play, sing, or make music, but we do kinda need a drummer. we got lots of electric guitar, good piano, good vocals, good lyrics and songs chosen, but knowing someone that can drum would be the icing on the mochi~

no limit to members, id like as many people to contact me as possibal, even if its only to sing :)!

we are also very interested in covering lots and lots of anime themes and themesongs, ending songs, and videogame music.

hope someones interested :)

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