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10th June 2009

celeste_11:45pm: VAMPS live in Portland! July 20th at the Hawthorne!
(It's not *exactly* anime-related, but since the singer's other band has done lots of anime theme songs...)

The Hawthorne Theater presents VAMPS! This rock band is a collaboration between legendary Japanese artists HYDE (vocalist for L'Arc~en~Ciel) and K.A.Z (of Oblivion Dust and hide with Spread Beaver).

July 20, 2009 - The Hawthorne Theatre

These guys are no strangers to selling out *massive* arenas all over Japan and the rest of the world. Seeing them in an awesome small venue like The Hawthorne Theatre is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that should not be missed. Tickets are on sale now!


VAMPS USA forum: http://vamps.baka-koneko.com

27th May 2009

rio_keshi9:27pm: hey gaiz
 i need to locate a tan/latino/darkskinned with dark/black hair anime character, and fast ^ ^;     odd request, i know, but, still, needed. comma.

26th May 2009

rio_keshi7:59pm: KUMORIKON HO
 so! who all is going as what this year? and who is excited? and who doesnt know yet? discuss, discuss, discuss!!!

also: any pokemon cosplayers?

31st March 2009

tabyk12:02am: Also trying to get rid of stuff...
Evening all,

I am currently in a purge process as I might be moving soon, and I've tons of junk I know I don't need, but am in a bit of a quandary on this particular one.

I've got a fairly large H-Manga collection (over 60 volumes I believe) plus some odds-n-ends that I've accumulated over the last 10 years and I'd like to advertise them for a bulk sale, however, I'm not exactly sure where to do so. My preference would be Craigslist as I can limit it to local buyers (shipping that many books would be too bloody expensive), but selling adult material is against their Terms of Use. I would prefer to avoid eBay as I hate having to pay their fees, plus people never seem to take that whole "local buyers only" notice seriously.

Might anyone have a suggestion or two?
Current Mood: tired

6th February 2009

chinadoll661027:18pm: Stuff for sale!
You know, it just occurred to me that this would probably a good place to post the fact that I have a lot of japanese stuff for sale. And I mean a freakin' LOT.

Here's an example of what I mean:

Some of this stuff I won't be selling, (most of it's up for sale) and some of it I already sold, but it's just to give you a general idea of what I have.

I've been collecting since I was 14. I have a bunch of stuff. Kimono (wedding one too) japanese shoes and other accessories, japanese anime music CD's imported from japan, bento box supplies stuff, fabrics, also final fantasy / pokemon stuff, game soundtracks (RPG mainly...FF7-11 I think), etc. etc.

Problem is, it's all in boxes right now, so it takes a whole bunch of time to load this stuff out and go through it.

Here are some recent things I've posted:


I know this is a crappy post and pretty vague, but for the next few weeks I will be selling a lot of stuff. All in Portland, of course. I'm also being' really generous with the prices TBH (trust me!)- I just want to move this stuff out :)

If you want to see the posts, I will be specifically putting in 'Ardenwald' in my location (small unknown suburb area over by Johnson Creek) and look for, obviously, anything Japanese.

But yeah. Go nuts! Or contact me directly at chinadoll66102@juno.com if there's anything you want but don't know if I have.


1st October 2008

suki_no_love3:49pm: Hey, I heard people in this live journal community meet up once a month at someone's house and watch anime all night? Is this is the right place? I was recommended by the Anime Club at Portland State University.
Current Mood: cheerful

5th August 2008

blackjackrocket2:02am: How does one go about affixing a logo to a shirt? It's for a cosplay--I'm going as a Team Rocket agent from Pokémon and I need the giant red R all up ons.

And it needs to look professional, like a standard-issue uniform. And I'd like it if it didn't wear off after a few washings.

I...um...also need advice on styling a wig. It's a very basic style, just brushed over to the side, but I've never worked with a wig before and I hardly do anything to my *own* hair besides pull it back.

4th May 2008

blackjackrocket7:33pm: So I'm going to an anime convention in two weeks and both my costumes are partially busted. Problems are that a, I can't sew, and b, one of them I think I'd need to wear while someone else sewed it up anyway.

Is there any way one of you could give me a hand with those? On the big one it's ripped seams in both legs (it's a jumpsuit), and the minor one has a rip on the fastener (it's a trenchcoat).

I'm looking to pay maybe 10$/hour, but it shouldn't take more than three hours to do both of them.

3rd February 2008

ludekat10:09am: Hmm Milk Tea?
Ok, so I've been searchign for awhile, and I figured someone here might know. I was wondering if anyone here knew of a place where I could get strawberry milk tea juice boxes in the Clackamas area. Uwajimaya might carry it, but thats a lil far. =/ I miss my milk tea. /sob I'd also love to know if theres a place to get tayaki, but I think muh chances in that are slim. =o( Thanx for any help! ^_^

27th September 2007

rio_keshi4:55am: cover band jrock?!!!
bandname: undecided

influences: hide, xjapan, gackt, beck mongolian chop squad, depeche mode, sonata arctica, the cure, placebo, lots more...

instruments: piano, guitar, vocals

musicians needed: ANYONE that likes to play, sing, or make music, but we do kinda need a drummer. we got lots of electric guitar, good piano, good vocals, good lyrics and songs chosen, but knowing someone that can drum would be the icing on the mochi~

no limit to members, id like as many people to contact me as possibal, even if its only to sing :)!

we are also very interested in covering lots and lots of anime themes and themesongs, ending songs, and videogame music.

hope someones interested :)


19th July 2007

welovesimon10:33pm: Asian dance rock band, The Slants, playing on Saturday!
Hey everyone,

We'll be playing our first (and maybe last) all-ages show this year other than Kumoricon! Would love to see you at the show, shakin' your little sakura's.


w/special guests

125 NW 6th. Portland, OR
Show starts at 8pm. All ages (bar w/ID), $7.00

P.S: We're giving away a free weekend pass to Kumoricon, go to myspace.com/theslants and check out the blog for details.

16th July 2007

giapet11:35am: Warning: Blatant Pimpage Ahead
A while back I posted here looking for people to beta a new website that I am employed by, and the site has long since gone live (albeit still in "beta" mode). So I thought I'd pop in just to let y'all know: animeOnline is now officially the coolest anime news site out there. I know, because I write the majority of the content. Mwahaha.

That said, for those of you who favor not having to leave LiveJournal while still getting your constant stream of anime(/manga/J-pop/game/etc) news, we also have an LJ syndicated feed: animeonlinenews. And hey, our RSS feed no longer sucks! (It used to only show the title of the article, but now it also shows the content of the articles as well.) But here's fair warning - we post a LOT. ;)

So, there you have it. Give us a shot! ♥

5th July 2007

blackjackrocket2:43pm: All you cosplayers out there, where do you buy wigs? I need a short brunet wig for my JP costume (the boy in my icon), and tying my hair back and pinning it up just isn't cutting it. Also, how much should I expect to pay for a wig like that?
Current Mood: curious

2nd July 2007

welovesimon10:39pm: Upcoming Slants shows (Asian rock band)
The Slants, Portland's only Asian rock band is playing throughout July (including our first all ages show).

26th June 2007

mariahgem12:15pm: Platform International Animation Festival
Hey everyone! I'm working at the Platform International Animation Festival, and I've gotten to meet a ton of famous animators! If you want a play by play of the Festival, I'll be updating my LJ every day as the Festival goes on! XD
Current Mood: ecstatic

13th June 2007

rio_keshi4:30pm: Evangelion <3!!!
does anyone else out there LOVE LOVE LOVE evangelion?!!!

20th May 2007

welovesimon5:14pm: THE SLANTS
SHOW coming
for all you Asian fun loving people:

It's 21+
Grab some friends and come say hi

18th May 2007

blackjackrocket1:49am: Is anyone else going to Anime Evolution? I know it's a long way, but hey.

4th March 2007

kinsugi9:09pm: Eep: To answer a question,
Eep! I'm never in this forum anymore. To answer motorharp's question from November:

Our fall Japanese Film Series had good films but few people at that late hour.

However, Winter term days have rocked! We've hosted anime meetings twice a week (8 hr of anime!) to meet people's schedules, and have been showing more than a dozen different anime including two current in Japan at both meetings: DEATH NOTE and Naruto: SHIPPUUDEN!

We gather Tuesdays 3:30-8:30, ST 235 (Vandread, Ah My Goddess, Ouran HS Host Club, Mushishi + DN and N:S) and Wednesdays 2:30-5:30, SS 116, through March 14 (Wolf's Rain, Slayers, Jing King of Bandits, Fate Stay Night + DN and N:S).

In addition, we managed to pull together three special afternoon events!
(1) Japanese Popular Films (KAMIKAZE GIRLS and SAMURAI FICTION),
(2) Mamoru Oshii's GHOST IN THE SHELL and GitS 2: INNOCENCE, and
(3) Live Action Anime from Japanese TV (i.e. based on manga/anime) GREAT TEACHER ONIZUKA and DEATH NOTE.

Spring term we'll continue regular viewing meetings, probably carrying on most of the anime we're watching now, but the special focus will be on SakuraCon rather than film showings. And classwork. Of course.

30th January 2007

welovesimon6:16pm: New Slants' song up!
My all-asian band, The Slants, posted another song tonight (We Will Never Die).

It's a demo version and still needs live drums/vocals, but it kinda gives you a general idea of what we're going for. More songs coming very soon and shows shortly after that, I promise!


25th January 2007

welovesimon5:04pm: All-asian rock n' roll (The Slants)
Your favorite all-asian Portland band...well, probably the only one, has moved to www.myspace.com/theslants

There's only one track right now, an interview with me...but we will be adding songs shortly and look forward to playing throughout the Northwest very soon!

<3 simon

13th January 2007

rio_keshi1:37pm: karaoke.
Uwajimaya. 6pm

wear a hat.

29th December 2006

rio_keshi4:24pm: Karaoke partyyy!!!
OHAYO alls :D!!!

we will be having a karaoke party of sorts today, alot of us it seems,

if you are interested and can make it to UWAJIMAYA in beaverton at 6pm, we would be happy if you could go!

Just a heads up, the Karaoke place we are going to is all ages! it is not in front of a bar of people, it is a rented room with karaoke tv and such~
we will be covering the price of the room ourselves, but it would be most kind of you to throw in a few dollars to help cover it, but dont let that sued you from coming :B!!!

we will be at Uwajimaya in Beaverton from 6pm to 7pm, WEAR A HAT to be noticed!! we will be looking for people with hats, so we know who you are :3

hope to see you all there ^.^!!!

3rd November 2006

motorharp4:24pm: JAPANESE FILM SERIES
So, I was going to go last night, but ended up tripping over a cord and sloshing boiling tea all over my hand, among many other clumsy things I did that day. I thought it would be better if I did not endanger others, or myself, by venturing out in public. How was the first showing?
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