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VAMPS live in Portland! July 20th at the Hawthorne!

(It's not *exactly* anime-related, but since the singer's other band has done lots of anime theme songs...)

The Hawthorne Theater presents VAMPS! This rock band is a collaboration between legendary Japanese artists HYDE (vocalist for L'Arc~en~Ciel) and K.A.Z (of Oblivion Dust and hide with Spread Beaver).

July 20, 2009 - The Hawthorne Theatre

These guys are no strangers to selling out *massive* arenas all over Japan and the rest of the world. Seeing them in an awesome small venue like The Hawthorne Theatre is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that should not be missed. Tickets are on sale now!


VAMPS USA forum: http://vamps.baka-koneko.com
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Also trying to get rid of stuff...

Evening all,

I am currently in a purge process as I might be moving soon, and I've tons of junk I know I don't need, but am in a bit of a quandary on this particular one.

I've got a fairly large H-Manga collection (over 60 volumes I believe) plus some odds-n-ends that I've accumulated over the last 10 years and I'd like to advertise them for a bulk sale, however, I'm not exactly sure where to do so. My preference would be Craigslist as I can limit it to local buyers (shipping that many books would be too bloody expensive), but selling adult material is against their Terms of Use. I would prefer to avoid eBay as I hate having to pay their fees, plus people never seem to take that whole "local buyers only" notice seriously.

Might anyone have a suggestion or two?
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Stuff for sale!

You know, it just occurred to me that this would probably a good place to post the fact that I have a lot of japanese stuff for sale. And I mean a freakin' LOT.

Here's an example of what I mean:

Some of this stuff I won't be selling, (most of it's up for sale) and some of it I already sold, but it's just to give you a general idea of what I have.

I've been collecting since I was 14. I have a bunch of stuff. Kimono (wedding one too) japanese shoes and other accessories, japanese anime music CD's imported from japan, bento box supplies stuff, fabrics, also final fantasy / pokemon stuff, game soundtracks (RPG mainly...FF7-11 I think), etc. etc.

Problem is, it's all in boxes right now, so it takes a whole bunch of time to load this stuff out and go through it.

Here are some recent things I've posted:


I know this is a crappy post and pretty vague, but for the next few weeks I will be selling a lot of stuff. All in Portland, of course. I'm also being' really generous with the prices TBH (trust me!)- I just want to move this stuff out :)

If you want to see the posts, I will be specifically putting in 'Ardenwald' in my location (small unknown suburb area over by Johnson Creek) and look for, obviously, anything Japanese.

But yeah. Go nuts! Or contact me directly at chinadoll66102@juno.com if there's anything you want but don't know if I have.


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Hey, I heard people in this live journal community meet up once a month at someone's house and watch anime all night? Is this is the right place? I was recommended by the Anime Club at Portland State University.
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whatareyouwearing--by me

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How does one go about affixing a logo to a shirt? It's for a cosplay--I'm going as a Team Rocket agent from Pokémon and I need the giant red R all up ons.

And it needs to look professional, like a standard-issue uniform. And I'd like it if it didn't wear off after a few washings.

I...um...also need advice on styling a wig. It's a very basic style, just brushed over to the side, but I've never worked with a wig before and I hardly do anything to my *own* hair besides pull it back.
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So I'm going to an anime convention in two weeks and both my costumes are partially busted. Problems are that a, I can't sew, and b, one of them I think I'd need to wear while someone else sewed it up anyway.

Is there any way one of you could give me a hand with those? On the big one it's ripped seams in both legs (it's a jumpsuit), and the minor one has a rip on the fastener (it's a trenchcoat).

I'm looking to pay maybe 10$/hour, but it shouldn't take more than three hours to do both of them.
Can't I?
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Hmm Milk Tea?

Ok, so I've been searchign for awhile, and I figured someone here might know. I was wondering if anyone here knew of a place where I could get strawberry milk tea juice boxes in the Clackamas area. Uwajimaya might carry it, but thats a lil far. =/ I miss my milk tea. /sob I'd also love to know if theres a place to get tayaki, but I think muh chances in that are slim. =o( Thanx for any help! ^_^